Best Online Poker Tips: How to Avoid Losing Money by Battling the Tilt 

If you are looking for the best online poker tips, you have come to the right place.

Today, our best online poker tips will be focused on how to battle your losing streak or what is termed in the poker world as 'tilt.'

In the game of poker, it is not only important to learn how to make money, but it is also important to know how to keep it. Poker is still a game and you will find yourself on a losing streak or tilt sometimes. The gift of a champion poker player is knowing how to ride the tilt out and how to get back in the game.

To help you, here are our best online poker tips for battling the tilt.

We have discussed a few of them in our previous article such as:

  • All Poker Online Tip #1: Let Your Bad Beat Steam Off

Lose that bad streak of yours by venting out your frustration. Tell someone, a friend, your family or another player what happened and how you should have handled some of the games you played. When you let off some steam and express yourself, you release pressure and hopefully you break that tilt off. This will also help you analyze what you did wrong in the game, thinking of how to play your cards well next time or if the whole ordeal you have gone through was just a result of bad luck.

  • All Poker Online Tip #2: Sit Down on the Table and Observe

If you find yourself dealing with loss after frustrating loss, do not panic. Instead, sit out some rounds while still on the table. This can be beneficial to you because it will cut your losses, calm you down a bit and hopefully reenergize you for the next poker round. When you take a breather from your tilt, you will find yourself observing other players, picking up a few things about their game and getting additional insights on how to play with your opponents. You can just sit back a round or two, not play any hand, the exception of which is that you pick the top four hands.

  • All Poker Online Tip #3: Do Not Have Any Vendetta Over a Player

Poker can be such an emotional game that sometime you cannot help but focus on an opponent who annoys you, especially those who love to trash talk and heckle. It is very undignified to get back at this opponent and it is your lose if you take any sneering personal. Detach yourself from the game as a person and think of yourself as a athlete or a gamer doing this just for the fun of winning nothing personal. If you take each lose personal and if you obsess about your opponents who is in a winning streak then you will just be making it worst for yourself. Remember Poker is still a game of luck and even the bad players can experience a lucky streak.

  • All Poker Online Tip #4: Change Poker Tables

If you really are experiencing a bad streak, don't continue the game on that same table. Change tables and face new opponents. It may be the break you need to cut that tilt.

  • All Poker Online Tip #5: Take a 15-Minute Break

Grab a cup of coffee and take a 15-minute breather. Relax your mind and calm your nerves. Being too emotional and stressed can affect your game and it might even be the reason for your losses. So just take a short break and keep yourself together.

  • All Poker Online Tip #6: Go Home and Do Something Else

Maybe your tilt is a signal to call it quits at the table and do something else. Sometimes poker games can be quite 'engaging' and you forget that there are other more important things you can do. So if you find yourself in a bad streak, stop playing the game and do something else.

Good luck and we hope you can use our tips!